"There is nothing better than a well-aimed mortar shot...
Or maybe there is... a well-aimed HEAVY MORTAR SHOT!!!"

Janek, mortar operator

On 1 September 1939 the Nazi Germany attacked Poland. With their overwhelming military advantage, they thought it would be a swift victory. They couldn't be more wrong! Defense '39 is wargame like none you have seen before! The Player takes control of a single bunker or similar defensive position (like an armored train or a trench) and has to stand against thousands upon thousands of approaching enemies. With hundreds of units on-screen, the pressure of battle has never felt so real. Among the things you will face is infantry, tanks, jeeps, trucks and much more... You need to be fast, you need to think strategically and, above all, you have to win!

The resupply phase before each mission will see you choose the right set of weaponry to counter the approaching waves of enemies, basing solely on vague intelligence reports. Decide between machine and anti-tank guns, and equip your positions with grenade launchers or bazookas. As you proceed, even more support options will be unlocked, including flamethrowers, heavy anti-tank cannons and heavy mortars, allowing you to char the entire battlefield with a single tap! Collect medals to upgrade you weaponry, purchase new defensive positions or fortify the ones you already own.

Game features
* a whole new approach to the tower defense genre
* unique, intuitive targeting system
* fast-paced war action
* massive number of units simultaneously on-screen
* 10 varying locations with over 70 missions!
* variety of weapons to use and enemies to destroy
* medal-based, diverse upgrade system
* survival mode for those seeking the ultimate challenge